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“Working with Carolyn Akel has been incredibly productive and results-oriented. Not only is she sharp, motivated and organized, she has a genuinely positive aura which is both refreshing and unique. It has been a pleasure both working with and learning from her.”

- Kathy Kramer, President and Founder, Invisibelt LLC

“Carolyn is a brilliant consultant. She helps companies grow and is a great resource... A capable and delightful woman.”

- Joan Schriger, Venture Capitalist

"I hired Akel Ventures to help me prepare my company for the future. As a result, our growth revenue has grown 400% in the past 12 months and profitability doubled, due to increased operational efficiencies... yet numbers only tell half the story. Carolyn has expertise in a wide number of areas, in business development, strategic planning, operational structure and brand management. Her extensive resources have produced a wide variety of indispensable contacts that have fueled the aggressive growth we’ve experienced. Carolyn has been a positive, encouraging, calming influence in the midst of great change. I’ve treasured her close partnership in growing my business and eagerly look forward to a successful future with her help.”

- Cristy Clarke, CEO and Founder of Table Topics, Inc.

“Carolyn always has the pulse on the hottest new products!”         - Wendy Chandor, Daily Grommet

"If you want a business coach who lovingly, yet honestly and firmly pushes you and causes you to extend yourself, call Carolyn Akel. Not only is she is collaborative in her approach to finding solutions, but she matches you with contacts that are tailored to your business requirements. Her feedback is reflective, constructive, and punctual. Carolyn's phone calls reflect preparation and organization. As efficient as she is with helping you contain your business costs, she is equally efficient in directing you to see where you're headed and what the next step is in getting there."

- Val McKinley, Owner,

“To say that Carolyn Akel has revolutionized my business is no exaggeration. She took a good hard look at my revenues and systems, did her financial magic, and overhauled my business model in record time. Working with Carolyn is like getting an MBA, only it’s faster and a lot more fun. In the few months we’ve been working together, I’ve already increased my income 28% and I’m poised to more than double it next year!”

- Libby Gill, Business Coach, Brand Strategist & Bestselling Author

“I’ve guided hundreds of entrepreneurs to build multi-million dollar businesses, plus built and sold five companies of my own. So when I want guidance on positioning, launching, building a solid channel for consumer products, I call Carolyn Akel. She’s the best of the best. You can count on her to build compelling consumer brands and lucrative channels.”

- Christine Comaford, CEO of Mighty Ventures

“I am an owner and founder of a small company called Doc Martin’s on Maui which manufactures sun protection skin care products. I had the good fortune of being referred by a friend who had a wonderful experience working with Carolyn Akel of Akel Ventures. Over the last 15 months spent working with Carolyn I found her to be a dynamic, forward thinking, creative individual with a “can do” spirit. Her positive energy is infectious. She has a hands on approach to her marketing consulting business and she is very accessible no matter which time zone each of us found ourselves in. To Carolyn problems and setbacks are seen as “fun challenges”. . She is an open minded and careful listener, integrates information readily, critically evaluates each problem, outlines a strategic path and executes in a timely fashion. She was wonderful at keeping me on task! In a world of Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms her working knowledge of optimizing the internet presence is a key ingredient in her marketing strategy and success. I am first hand witness to her capabilities as she took on the process of rebranding our company, establishing an internet presence and increasing sales. Her efforts resulted in successfully executing a ground up strategy that culminated in more than doubling our sales in a very short period. I highly recommend without reservation that you consider Carolyn Akel for your business marketing needs.”

- Dr. George “Doc” Martin, MD, Founder of Doc Martin’s of Maui

“Our revenue has grown 400% in the past 12 months and profitability has doubled due to increased operational efficiencies….yet the numbers only tell half of our success story.”

- Cristy Clarke, CEO and Founder of TableTopics, Inc




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