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Consumer Products – Gifts

The Big Picture

Akel Ventures partnered with a client over a period of three years. Akel began our partnership with said client by performing an analysis of the product, company, the current market trends and opportunities before we developed and executed a strategy that covered all areas of distribution, sales, marketing, product development and operations. Following our proven Akel Approach the company became highly profitable and the product has become a top-selling household name.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to create a marketing campaign that was efficient, to set forth an improved sales plan and to boost profit margins.


How We Took It On

Akel created efficient domestic and international distribution channel strategies, changed pricing so that it was competitive within the market, optimized product positioning and undertook product line expansion with our team of marketing and sales consultants and strategists.

The Successes

Akel established three new complimentary product lines, a new division, 10 new products and radically increased revenue year over year. We added channels of distribution and expanded new international territories. We doubled profit margins by introducing internal operations.

Consumer Products – Apparel

The Big Picture

Akel Venture’s client was a direct to consumer, online, retail business that needed our experience to build a strategy to expand their online presence and increase sales. Upon first assessment we saw that our client had great possibility and quality product to become a big player in the online retail realm and with the information we gathered we executed a strategy that generated growth through product development, business development and the establishment of strategic partnerships, international and domestic distribution and channels. Akel also analyzed the existing e-tail (online retail) trends and was able to realize significant growth by taking advantage of valuable opportunities present in the company’s existing business model.


The Challenge

Our challenge was create an online retailer that was buzz worthy and reached a large customer base. To develop a comprehensive strategy that both improved existing opportunities and addressed the client’s untapped revenue.


How We Took It On

Akel Ventures set out to educate resellers and customers on the innovative functions and uses of the products by repositioning the brand and altering the marketing campaign. We increased the retailer’s presence, by broadening the targeting markets and forming a well-built sales plan. A detailed 12-month sales and marketing calendar was put in place for all channels and tools were developed to enable both retailers and customers to better understand the product and create enhanced awareness.


The Successes

The project was a large success; we established new revenue streams and awareness of the brand as an industry leader by positioning the company in a place where it could take advantage of current market trends. The client has implemented a national distribution strategy for retail and international distribution and is working through a 12 month product development schedule. We continue to work together in marketing and sales, and an exciting a co-branding relationship with a recognized and established high profile brand has been secured. A full suite of marketing collateral has been created and the sales representatives are properly trained in its use. Sales strategy has been optimized through the web, referral networks, rep firms, distributors, partnerships and direct sales. The company is on track to exceed the annual goals we established at the beginning of our partnership.


"I hired Akel Ventures to help me prepare my company for the future. As a result, our growth revenue has grown 400% in the past 12 months and profitability doubled, due to increased operational efficiencies... yet numbers only tell half the story. Carolyn has expertise in a wide number of areas, in business development, strategic planning, operational structure and brand management. Her extensive resources have produced a wide variety of indispensable contacts that have fueled the aggressive growth we’ve experienced. Carolyn has been a positive, encouraging, calming influence in the midst of great change. I’ve treasured her close partnership in growing my business and eagerly look forward to a successful future with her help.” 

- Cristy Clarke, CEO and Founder of Table Topics, Inc.

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