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Social Media MarketingIntegrated Social Media Marketing

Looking for a way to incorporate social commerce into your business plan?

Build your reputation online, strengthen relationships with loyal customers and find new ones with a customer-centric integrated social media marketing plan. Your customers are online and if you aren’t you’re missing out on prime opportunity to connect with your target audience.

Akel Ventures can help you develop a social media business plan that will help your company break into the online social sphere and experience sales growth. With connections to thousands of bloggers and the use of available social media platforms - like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest - Akel Ventures can strategically place you in the social media marketing space.



“I suggest building on tools – like relationships with bloggers, search engine optimization and advertising, link building and electronic newsletters – and placing solid measurable metrics in place as a path for new and existing products and businesses to grow using social media tools,”

-Carolyn Akel, CEO Akel Ventures

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