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Akel Ventures takes the time to get to know you and your business. We discover the unique aspects of your product or service and how it fits in with what consumers want and then determine the best way to position your brand. good

Although we're a retail consultancy group, we don't just consult; we help startups and small to mid-sized businesses grow into profitable brand names. Whether that means establishing, positioning and managing brand assets or growing top line revenue Akel Ventures will help you build strong industry partnerships, improve product lines, diversify revenue streams and overall boost your company's success in the marketplace.

Akel Ventures is well-versed in all aspects of business strategy, promotion and operations providing you with access to a broad range of services that cover digital media, revenue acceleration, brand management, e-commerce,  and public relations. You can be sure that every aspect of your product launch is accurately and thoroughly planned and executed

We can help you identify exactly what elements should be in your plan to get the results that you want. Call us to arrange for an initial consultation.




Akel provides our clients with a broad set of services covering all categories including consumers, retailers, sales representation, international distribution and public relations. Our vast knowledge of the consumer products industry enables us to cover all the bases so that each and every aspect of your product launch is accurately and thoroughly planned and executed.
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