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Carolyn Akel

Founder and President Akel Ventures Inc.

Carolyn Akel, Founder and President of Akel Ventures has an eye for trends and the know-how to turn cool consumer products into hot market leaders. Working with notable consumer product companies, Akel brings 20 years of industry experience to propel her client companies into profitability and marketplace celebrity.

Identifying the products’ demographic and marketability, Akel and her team of strategists bring the product to consumers via the online marketplace, retailers and catalogs. Carolyn's deep expertise and exceptional track record for delivering results drive her business but it is her intuition, creativity and enthusiasm that have earned the confidence of her clients. Those same attributes have earned her outstanding recognition in the industry as well. Akel’s knowledge of what’s hot in the market helps her to position her clients in the right location at the right time, thrusting them into the mainstream and turning them into household names.

Akel devoted 10 years to managing institutional assets, including but not limited to, repositioning, investing, managing and divesting over $2.6 billion of financial assets. A Partner and SVP of Portfolio Strategies and Investments for a San Francisco investment firm, Akel brings her experience in advising and investing to emerging companies across multiple industries.

In 2005, Akel founded Akel Ventures Inc. capitalizing on her financial experience and passion for building first-class consumer product brands. Akel has a keen eye and strong gut for discovering “the next big thing” that consumers are seeking. Her clients are up-and-coming companies that create trend-setting products that lead the marketplace with revolutionary ideas and cutting-edge technology.

In addition to Akel, Carolyn is the founder and Creative Director of CoCo’s Closet and the editor of SpyOnTrends.  Carolyn holds an International MBA from the University of South Carolina, an MBA from Wirtschaftuniversitat in Vienna, Austria and a BBA from Georgia State University.



Akel has had the opportunity to work with many notable consumer product companies and has a stellar track record in assisting her client companies into profitability and marketplace leadership within their categories.

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