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Akel Ventures partners with companies that are both established and growing within the consumer products industry. Our clients are enthusiastic about elevating their brand to the top of the marketplace. They are ready to dedicate their time and skills to planning their next stage of growth with our expertise, contacts and effective marketing.

At Akel Ventures we develop and execute strategies to overcome specific challenges that our clients face at particular junctures in their companies' corporate development, whether the challenge is international distribution, sales plans, selling to retailers, or any other business challenge. Below is a partial list of the clients we have worked with throughout the years:

  • TableTopics
  • Invisibelt
  • Natural Life
  • Nutritious life
  • B&G Organics
  • Doc Martin’s of Maui
  • Golden Hour Company
  • Little Pickle Press
  • Baba Paul Designs
  • Telegraph Hill
  • Onmii
  • Libby Gill
  • Boob-eez
  • SkinnyShirt
  • Fairy Tale Wishes
  • La Vie Celeste Skincare
  • VIZL
  • Whole Fusion
  • Roztayger
  • The Butterfly Bakery
  • Amphora by Emily C

We are in business to grow YOUR business. We specialize in identifying and maximizing your opportunities in the marketplace. A recent client experienced hyper business growth and became a household brand. We focus on verifiable results and allow the numbers to speak for themselves.

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