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We build brands. We work with cutting edge product companies and innovative thinkers to help move their brands from concept to consumer consciousness. Through a combination of defining the best growth strategy for your brand, assuring a smooth product launch and implementing a powerful marketing plan we take brands from startup to standout.

We believe in the clients we represent and because we start out as our clients’ biggest fans we’ve been able to achieve a stellar track record for identifying trends and amplifying them into the next big thing.

With a skill set that includes tight vendor partner relationships, and a deep understanding of how to make money and build a brand’s valuation, we creatively apply individualized marketing solutions for each company. We’ve been getting cutting edge products and innovative services the attention they deserve since 2005.

You have an idea of where you want to take your company. Let us help you get there. We’ll take each step right alongside you until you’re well on your way to reaching the business goals you’ve set.

Is your product or service the next market leader? Can it pass the Akel Ventures standards test? Find out if Akel Ventures is the right retail consultancy to help you set your business plans in motion. Call us today for an assessment. 


Working closely with CEOs and decision-makers, we increase brand awareness and catapult products onto every must-have, Top 10- hot list.

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